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Like any form of marketing, you can outsource it or do it yourself. In real estate, outsourcing can save you time and headache, and get the job done better than you can do it yourself. But it’s expensive, and you often end up looking like a cookie-cutter agent. It’s a trade off.

But for many Realtors, outsourcing isn’t even an option. They’re bootstrapping their businesses, doing all their own marketing, prospecting, and advertising.

If that’s you (or if you’re an agent who simply wants more control), we’ve designed Fast Newsletters to meet you half way.

We Write Them…You Send Them

By creating smart client retention newsletters for you each month, and then turning them over to you for sending, we save money that we pass along to you. Our newsletters are the lowest cost, best quality you’ll find in the industry. Our trade-off is simply that you have to send them yourself.

Remind People Why They Like You

You have control. So just before sending the newsletters to the printer or emailing them to your contact list, why not add a personal note, or a little chart of local stats, a testimonial, or a thank you note to a service provider you want to promote?

You can also change the quiz question that’s in every newsletter to something reflective of your local area. Or add a fun “guess the location” picture game.

You can change the title to reflect your neighborhood, do a review of a local business, or highlight an unusual listing.

It doesn’t take much to let people know there’s a real human behind your newsletters…not an automated marketing company.

Ready to Send, and 100% Customizable

If you don’t have time, Fast Newsletters don’t need to be customized…they’re 100% ready to send. But it also doesn’t take much to stand out. You don’t need to re-write the newsletters! Two or three small tweaks can do the trick. Just remember to be yourself. People do business with people, and you want to remind readers why they like you and give them reasons to refer you.

Want more info about Fast Newsletters? Drop by our home page, browse the rest of our blog, or go directly to our pricing page.

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Linda Schneider

Linda Schneider, a real estate marketer, author, and former agent for 30 years. She thrives on helping agents make money using creative and affordable prospecting tools and real estate newsletters. Get her latest book, Door to Door Real Estate Prospecting on

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