About Us

Fast Newsletters is a real estate newsletter writing company, dedicated to creating direct-response newsletters for agents. Our $13/month product was the brainchild of Linda Schneider, a real estate marketer, author, and agent. Based on the “Netflix model” of low-fee subscriptions, Fast Newsletters is inexpensive enough for just about every agent to use.

Despite the low cost of our newsletters, high quality is our paramount concern.

As a real estate agent herself, Ms. Schneider wanted a newsletter that was easy to customize without asking permission or using complex programming code.

She wanted it to be cheap, to hold her costs down.

She wanted a mix of calls to action.

And she wanted smart and playful content that people would really enjoy reading, rather than a bland soup of real estate articles and generic seasonal content.

Not finding that mix of preferences on the open market, she began creating her own newsletter and sharing it with other agents in her office, giving birth to the Fast Newsletters concept. The small team of newsletter writers, editors, and support staff that work with Ms. Schneider are all current or former real estate agents (with the exception of Dawn McMaster, who is our eagle-eyed editor).

Fast Newsletters provides our $13/month product, as well as licenses brokerages for multi-agent use, and writes completely custom newsletters for resellers and large brokerages. Brokers and others are invited to contact us about their needs. As we are a small outfit, we do not have phone support, but we do respond to all emails within 24 hours!