About Us

Fast Newsletters is a real estate newsletter writing company, dedicated to creating direct-response newsletters for real estate agents and investors.

Founded on Clarity of Purpose

Founded by Linda Schneider, a real estate marketer, author, and agent, our newsletter service is based on the “Netflix model” of low-fee subscriptions.

As a busy real estate agent, Ms. Schneider wanted a pre-written newsletter that was easy to customize without asking permission or using complex programming code. She also wanted it to be smart -- a newsletter that would reflect well on her. That clarity led her to develop Fast Newsletters to meet a gap in the newsletter marketplace ... low cost, high quality, smart newsletters.

We take the science of engagement seriously, so you know your newsletters will work for you to generate new and repeat business. And we make Fast Newsletters inexpensive enough for anyone to use, because we believe profoundly in the value of long-term follow-up for the life of your business.

Brokerage and Re-seller Programs Available

Fast Newsletters licenses brokerages for multi-agent use, and writes completely custom newsletters for resellers and large brokerages. Brokers and others are invited to contact us about their needs. We respond to all emails within 24 hours.