Build ‘canned’ personal emails into your real estate drip campaigns

We’re all familiar with the problem of converting online real estate leads. What to send, how to get them to contact you back, how to stand out, how to build trust through email, etc. So during a Facebook group discussion the other day, I was delighted to hear a new idea.

One agent (with his permission to share) gave details about a unique type of email he includes in his drip campaigns.

His emails are nothing fancy, usually words and a picture. Nothing with high production values. In his words, “The less like a marketing piece I look, the better. Glitzy marketing just puts a barrier between us.”

Here’s his process:

For the first 30 days, he sends an email every 3 days. The messages include a lot of real estate information: statistics with charts, listings, links to videos, all of which serve to cement his expertise. This is typical, right?

But here’s where he diverges from the mainstream:

He sends “canned” relationship emails!

About every 4th email (sometimes 3rd or 5th), he mixes in a personal email about some of the things he likes about living in the area, like this:

“My kids love skiing at Brighton more than Snowbird. It’s a bit slower and more level. Have you been up there yet? If not, check out the Brighton store and cafe. It’s a rustic mountain place, so don’t expect gourmet food or service. But it’s a great place for a hot cup of coffee.”

Then he has a picture of the Brighton store. brighton-store

He’s got a couple of dozen of these little canned messages written and loaded into his auto-responders, depending on if someone is a buyer lead, seller lead, or some other kind of lead he has a funnel set up for. About 80% of his content is real estate related, but it’s the 20% of those light relationship messages that get the most clicks.

If there’s no response after 30 days, his sequence shifts gears and goes to every 10 days. Then they start getting one real estate piece, one light personal note, and a newsletter. Every 10 days. He’s a busy agent, so his system must be working.

Do you have a follow-up system that works for you?

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