Our Client Magnet Reports

  • Following is a list of just a few of our Client Magnet Reports.
  • Each original report is approximately 1,200-1,800 words and weaves in messaging that directs readers back to you as the expert.
  • Each month we incorporate one report into your newsletter as a Call to Action.
  • You can also use these on your website as additional content.
  • (S) refers to seller-targeted content. (B) refers to buyer-oriented content.

A Sample of Past Client Magnet Report Titles

5 Things Buyers Do that Home Sellers Hate (B) +

Home sellers too often turn buyers off and push them away when they make these five common showing mistakes.

5 Things You Must Do to Reduce the Stress of Selling Your Home (S) +

Many home sellers say the stress of selling was much higher than they anticipated, with a lot of unimaginable challenges.

How to Use the Auction Effect to Sell Your House Faster (S) +

Everyone knows what an auction is — bidders place bids and the highest bids wins. Auctions create energy and excitement that makes things sell on the spur of the moment. What if you could sell your house using the energy of an auction without having to do an actual auction?

Should Your Agent Hold Open Houses…Or Not? (S) +

The public often complains that real estate agents only hold open houses to get more clients, not to sell the house. What’s true here? Should you let your agent hold an open house or not?

8 Dumb Things that Smart People Do When Buying a Home (B) +

This laundry-list of mistakes highlights what buyers wish they’d known before they started buying.

Sell First, then Buy? Or Buy First, then Sell? (S) +

Like the classic negotiating problem called the Prisoner’s Dilemma, there are always going to be trade-offs when buying a home. Here are some ideas about how to decide whether to buy or sell first.

How to Compete Against Multiple Offers and Win (B) +

Few things are more frustrating than to be making offer after offer on homes you like, only to be beat out by competing offers time and again. Here are the insider secrets about how offers get accepted in competing offer situations.

5 Things Home Sellers Do that Home Buyers Hate (S) +

In an average real estate market, home sellers need to woo buyers. But in a competitive market, it’s the buyers who need to woo sellers. Here are five things buyers do that home sellers hate, making it unlikely they’ll accept the buyer’s offer.

Self-Staging Secrets to Use Whether You’re Selling or Not (S) +

After staging, home sellers often say, “Gee, my home looks so nice now, I wish I had staged it when I was still living in it.” Here are a few pointers that stagers recommend for sellers. If you’re selling, you can use them to get a better offer. If you’re not selling, you can do them now and enjoy the fruits of your labor while still living in the house.

Should You Rent or Should You Buy Now? (B) +

Often this comes down to a financial decision: Can you afford what you want, or would buying put you in a home, neighborhood, or financial position you don’t like? Here is some expert advice to help you see the bigger picture.