Mailchimp IP Block Message

Why you're being blocked by Mailchimp

Mailchimp has sensitive security protocols that will sometimes block your IP address when there is a high demand load. They might call it "suspicious activity," though it has nothing to do with you personally. There are two ways to bypass the block.

How to remove the block (2 methods)

1. Remove Templates and Campaigns

We've discovered that if you remove your old templates and campaigns from Mailchimp, the block is removed. This may be due to the overuse of shared templates or API calls. So, if you don't care about keeping your old newsletters and newsletter data, then deleting old campaigns and templates might remove the block. You'll need to do this during a period of accessibility, or contact us to do it for you.

2. Use a VPN

If you prefer to keep your past newsletters, you can use a VPN (virtual private network) to access Mailchimp.  A VPN is a common way of adding a layer of privacy to your internet browser. It works by temporarily giving your computer a different IP address, which bypasses the IP block in Mailchimp. This is Mailchimp support's recommendation. TURN ON THE VPN ONLY WHEN USING MAILCHIMP. TURN IT OFF WHEN DONE WITH MAILCHIMP. Otherwise it'll slow your internet and may cause headaches when logging into other sites.

Your computer security program may already provide you with a VPN. But if you do not have one yet, we recommend the FREE version of PrivadoVPN. See this video about how to set it up and use it (5 minutes)

You can turn your VPN on and off at the click of a button, so you only use it when you want it. If you run out of free data in PrivadoVPN, here's how to refresh the free data plan in 30 seconds.