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July 2022

ROAR Report

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   ROAR Report - EMAIL

Suggested Subject: The rise of Friendship apps | Using 0% credit cards to pay your mortgage? | More inside!

MAILCHIMP IP BLOCK - If you get a Mailchimp IP block, take these steps:
1. Close the IP window, wait 5-10 minutes, clear browser history, then log back in. Google "how to clear history in __ (your browser)" if you're not sure how.
2. If the IP problem persists, download a free VPN. View this instruction.


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    ROAR Report - 4 Page TABLOID
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  • Which layout?

    Tabloid layout is 11x17 or A3 size paper. Two pages will print on one side, so you can use just one large sheet for printing. STANDARD is regular 8.5x11 sized paper.

Quiz & Report

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For your email newsletter: Modify your report in Word. Print or save it as a PDF. Then upload it to your Mailchimp content studio as a file. See this instruction.

For your printed newsletter: The generic PDF version of this report is already linked to your newsletter by QR code. If you wish to customize the report, first make your changes in Word and save or print it to a PDF. If you want to use a QR code, see the instructions below. Otherwise, you can remove the QR code and put your email in instead, asking people to contact you directly for a copy.

To use a QR code, you'll need to create a PDF, then go to a QR code site like QRCodeChimp to create the QR code.

Quiz Q&A

Q:  How many bananas can you eat if your stomach is empty? (trick question)

A: Just one, because after that your stomach's no longer empty.