Email Newsletter Sending Service

We can personalize and send your email newsletters for you.

What We Do...

  • We load & send your newsletters from Mailchimp every month (2x or 3x newsletters, based on your Fast Newsletters plan).
  • We assist you in any other aspect of using Mailchimp (like creating a landing page or uploading contacts).
  • We personalize your template with your contact info, image, logo, brand colors, and specialized button links.
  • We post your newsletters to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (optional).
  • We add limited custom content for you, such as a testimonial image or a quote. (This is not a full customization service, so just very small changes please. You can access the newsletter before it's sent, if you want to make more changes.)

Cost: Add $20 to your base subscription

Click to Request Sending Service

We'll connect with you to finish setup and answer your questions before we add the service to your account.