What Do Search Results Say about You as a Real Estate Agent?

Periodically, we need to locate one of our real estate newsletter subscribers on the internet. Usually that happens when an agent changes offices and forgets to update us with their new contact information. To find them, we run an internet search.

Surprisingly, there are many times when we find few traces of them online. And often the traces we do find are, well, uninspiring.

Now, from a privacy perspective, a person might think that’s good. They don’t leave much digital footprint. There’s something satisfying about that.

But at the same time, they’re in the real estate business, which means they need to be a visible presence in their communities.

People Make Decisions Based on Search Results

When a customer searches for an agent online in order to evaluate their credentials (we all do it), if they can’t find them or find only basic information, it raises their doubts. Conversely, when an agent has a strong and well-designed internet presence, it raises trust.

Consider their search for you as a digital interview where the quality of your footprint is representative of your quality as an agent.

Your Name Is the Keyword

When consumers search your name, you should dominate page one of Google…your profiles on Facebook, Zillow, Realtor.com, realestate.com.au, Realtor.ca, Zillow, ActiveRain, etc. (as relevant) should all show up attached to your name. Even without looking any deeper, a consumer should have the impression you’re “somebody.” We’re¬† not talking about searching keywords for your community to spark leads. We’re talking about Your Name, Real Estate.

With that in mind, I’d encourage you to Google yourself and see what kind of presence you present to the world online.

You might notice that the image you portray is not what you thought it was. You might have old information popping up, or an inconsistent presence. You might be getting mixed up with someone else. Ideally, your search results should present a consistent face, even if someone never clicks a link to read more.

When I searched my own name in this way, a completely different real estate agent named Linda Schneider popped up in all the top slots on Google. That’s OK now, since I’m running a marketing company and not a real estate business. But if I were vying for top billing as an agent, I’d have my work cut out for me, compared to the excellent presence of this other Linda Schneider.

Real estate agent SEO infographicClean Up Your Search Footprint

Here are some basics everyone should do within their first few months of getting into real estate:

  • If you don’t already have one, get a web site or at least a page that showcases you as an inspiring professional. Brand yourself as somebody they’d want to hire.
  • After that, systematically create or evaluate your profiles on all of your member sites. Make your branding and biographies consistent with your website.
  • Gather reviews on relevant sites.
  • Try to remove old profiles on sites you don’t use any longer.

<< See this handy real estate agent SEO infographic from the folks over at easyagentpro.com for more Page One ideas.

Even if you have no intention of doing internet marketing in your real estate business, having a consistent, professional digital footprint¬† builds trust in the minds of anyone who happens to look you up — in particular, home sellers who are looking for a listing agent in their area.

Go ahead. Look yourself up now, and see if you’d hire yourself based on what you find in search results.

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Linda Schneider

Linda Schneider, a real estate marketer, author, and former agent for 30 years. She thrives on helping agents make money using creative and affordable prospecting tools and real estate newsletters. Get her latest book, Door to Door Real Estate Prospecting on Amazon.com.


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