Our Heart Is in Our Business

Any description about Fast Newsletters has to start with our big "why," because we are passionate about two things:

Writing real estate newsletters.
Helping agents generate a lifestyle income. We want you to support your family, live wealthy, enjoy a freedom lifestyle, and retire well. If you've got the guts to be a Realtor, then we're behind you 100%.

Our Backstory

My name is Linda Schneider, and I created Fast Newsletters in 2012 after 30 years as a Realtor, trainer, coach, and marketer. As an agent, newsletters were my best source of business. I door knocked, held open houses, networked, and ran workshops to generate leads...but it was my newsletters that converted them to clients and enabled me to build a referral business.

In time, my list grew to have exponential value. After selling it, I was finally able to start the real estate marketing company I'd always wanted. Now I run a company that provides content that brings exponential value to you, your clients, and your family.

About Us

We are located in San Diego, California, but we're an international company. We have customers in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and India. Our staff is located in San Diego, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

We like being a happy company, and believe that makes our product better for you. Our attitude is in our service and our products. Contact us here.

Our San Diego staff

Caden & Scott on downtime

Some of our offsite helpers


We're excited to offer this simple, yet extremely powerful newsletter tool to help you steadily grow your business.