4 Tips for Getting Client Referrals from Email Newsletters

If you’re a real estate agent or small home services business owner, there is no better ROI in marketing than email newsletters, because the cost is so low compared to the return you get. But just like other kinds of marketing, the real value comes from how you use them. Here are four tips for…

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The Best Content for Real Estate Newsletters

Are you getting any business from sending newsletters? For some real estate agents and other small business owners, the answer is yes. They have real ROI (return on investment) proof to show. But for many others, the answer is no—or they’re not sure. Either they’re not getting any business, or they’re not measuring their results.…

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Quick Ways to Make Your Real Estate Newsletters Fun and Local

When we think of being hyper-local, we tend to think about adding real estate statistics, listings, or a local blog post. But there are other ways to create a “community-Realtor” (or contractor, lender, home inspector, etc.) effect, giving you and your business a familiar, sociable, and approachable feeling. 1. Use a “where in the community”…

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How to Convince a Seller to Remodel before Selling

Can you convince sellers to remodel first? Did you see that Inmann article by Gill South about Tracy McLaughlin? ( Tracy is a top producer who specializes in getting sellers to pony up significant amounts of money to make renovations before selling. Her marketplace is very high-end Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area.…

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How to Get People to Open Your Email Newsletters

A good open rate for email newsletters is between 18% and 23%. If your email real estate newsletter (or any other business newsletter) rates are below that, or if you’d like to do even better than average, here are four ways to improve your open rates: 1. Use a compelling subject line. Subject lines must…

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