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  • Print and Email (HTML) Newsletters Available
  • Pre-Written & Ready to Personalize
  • 100% Customizable
  • Free Reports Library
  • Extra Articles to Choose From
  • Direct-Response style Calls to Action
  • Live Help to Get Started

"For sheer ROI, nothing beats the power of a personal newsletter in a service business."

What We're Good at...

We call them Fast Newsletters because you can tweak them to create custom newsletters without spending hours laboring over them each month. And although they're customizable, we also design each newsletter to be sent as-is (if you run out of time) — they work great either way. Compare us to newsletter services that cost $50/mo to $80/mo, and you’ll find our $13/mo price affordable and our newsletters work even better.

    Our newsletters work "behind the scenes” to do the selling for you, while you go about your daily business. Remember ... in sales the money is in your 9th, 20th, or even 50th contact!
    Just add your contact information and they're ready to send in two minutes. Or make as many other changes as you like ... nothing is locked!
    Each newsletter includes multiple "calls to action," showcasing your services, and written in language that motivates people to respond, refer, or just stay involved..
    This is the multi-tool of marketing for your business. Your $13 subscription gives you print (Word/Publisher/Pages) and email (HTML) newsletters, and you're not limited in how you use them. You can create different versions for different markets, as you like.

Print & Email Features

  • Email (HTML) Newsletters

    Edit your responsive email newsletters (without knowing HTML), by using MailChimp’s free drag & drop editor. We’ll show you how. Send to 2,000 subscribers free, one-button post to Facebook & Twitter, add YouTube videos, listings, articles, and links, create an archive page on your website, add partners. A quiz contest and Client Magnet Report are pre-loaded for you.

    NOTE: MailChimp integrates (pulls data from) common CRM’s. Google “your CRM + MailChimp” to learn more.

  • Print Newsletters

    Edit on your computer, using Word, Publisher, or Pages. Comes in 2-page, 4-page, and EDDM layouts. Print them yourself, use an internet printer, or create a PDF for emailing. Mail with or without an envelope, or hand deliver as a farming tool. A quiz contest and free Client Magnet Report are built into each newsletter.

    NOTE: We recommend comparing prices at for bulk printing (and mailing) of 200 or more copies.

How to Use Our Service

1. Order

Place your order below. No set-up charges or contracts. 100% guarantee.

2. Choose

Log in, then choose the print, email or both versions of the newsletter.

3. Personalize

Add your contact information. Then send as-is, or customize however you like.

4. Print/Send

Print at the office or online. Email through MailChimp. We’ll show you how.

Complete Features List

Includes both Print and Email newsletters

  • 30 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Engaging content (contests, interactive articles, social tools)
  • Built-in calls to action (yes, you can change them)
  • 100% editable/customizable content
  • Library of free bonus "authority" reports (updated regularly)
  • Library of extra articles (updated monthly)
  • Full, live support and training available
  • Custom headers available (additional fee)

Print/paper newsletters designed in Microsoft Word

  • 2-page, 4-page, and EDDM styles
  • Bulk printing company recommended:

Email newsletters in partnership with MailChimp

  • Post email newsletters to Facebook & Twitter
  • Compliance with Anti-Spam laws
  • Email reporting and tracking
  • Up to 2,000 email subscribers

Linda and her team are always finding ways to use our newsletters to increase business. I apply every suggestion, and have made thousands of dollars as a result. Just do it.

Lori Hooker
One Source Realty

Do these newsletters work? Short answer, yes. They've made them worth reading. Worth keeping. I started using Fast Newsletters about two years ago with the people who give me a lot of referrals. What a difference that's made in my business!

Geraldine Alves
New Braunfels Homes

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