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"Be the only one they call to buy, sell,
or refer ... starting at $13/mo"


Our goal is helping you generate referrals and repeat business from your past clients and sphere of influence.



Built for client retention & referrals

A client retention newsletter is a powerful tool for agents with vision...agents who don't want to still be pounding the pavement for leads five years from now. That's because a newsletter is the absolute best way to stay personally connected to hundreds possibly thousands of past clients and referral sources you'll meet over the years.

But who has time to write a great newsletter every month? Especially one that entertains, motivates, and connects with people you haven't seen in ages!

That's where we come in. Fast Newsletters creates monthly newsletters for you, without you writing a single word. Our content is designed to feel personal, even though you're not writing it yourself. From chatty commentaries on curated content, to first person perspectives on real estate trends, to motivational stories and humor, your newsletters will always be friendly and fun. And that makes it easy to reengage with anyone, even years down the road! We like to say that Fast Newsletters keep the door open.

Growing Your List Is Easy when "Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe."

Inviting people to be on your mailing list can now be fun, instead of something you do as an afterthought. You can be CONFIDENT they're getting value, which makes it easy to grow your list to thousands. The result... More repeat business and referrals for years to come.

What we offer...

We write fresh newsletters for you every month, starting at $13/mo. You download them from our website and send them yourself, which keeps your costs to a minimum. See a complete list of features below.

100% Customizable. Each newsletter is completely finished and ready-to-send, but you can also make changes to anything you like before sending. You can move or edit articles, add your own content, change images, etc. It's up to you. Nothing is locked.

Email Newsletter Features
  • 2 Email Newsletters per Month. The first newsletter is a traditional, multi-topic newsletter. The second newsletter is an optional touchpoint containing a free report.

  • One-Click Upload. Click the link inside your Fast Newsletters account to instantly drop the newsletter into your personal Mailchimp account. Yay! That's the magic of API coding.

  • Up to 2,000 Subscribers Free. We use MailChimp so that you get a complete email marketing platform for up to 2,000 subscribers at no additional cost. See our FAQ for more details.

  • Mailchimp configuration. We'll configure your MailChimp account so that your personal information is "pulled into" the newsletter automatically.

  • Fast, Flexible, & Customizable. You can send our complete email newsletters in less than 2 minutes, or your can customize them in MailChimp's drag and drop visual editor before sending.

  • Library of Free Reports & EXTRA Articles. We offer a large library of free reports and articles you can use in your newsletters.

  • Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. CRAZY GOOD FEATURE!! MailChimp makes it easy to upload your newsletters to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See an example Facebook post.

  • Quick Tutorials. Our tutorials show you how to do everything, whether you want to send the newsletter in under two minutes and be done with it, or you want to add in-depth custom content.

E-Newsletter Setup

When you sign up for service with us, we'll send you a form to collect your personal information and images. Meanwhile, you'll create a FREE Mailchimp account (or use an existing account). Then through the magic of coding, we'll configure your Mailchimp account to pull your personal information into your email newsletters automatically.

Print Newsletter Features
  • 1 Monthly Newsletter with Multiple Layout Options. Layouts include 2-page, 4-page, and EDDM.

  • Fully editable in Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Pages on your own computer. Very handy if you farm several neighborhoods and want to use different newsletters..

  • Folds as a Self-mailer. All formats are self-mailers with a label area. If you don't need a label, you can insert other personal content into the label area.

  • 100% Customizable. Change anything you like. NOTE: The more you change, the longer it takes. But simple changes, such as replacing an article, changing the text in a call to action, or changing the title, can be done quickly with basic editing functions.

  • Print and mail as you like. Print at your office for small quanities, or send to an outside printer for bulk printing and mailing (we recommend docucopies.com). We have tutorials that show you how to print on your home or office printer.

  • Library of Free Reports & EXTRA Articles. We pre-load a free report into one newsletter each month as a PDF. You have the Word version available if you want to make changes. We offer dozens of extra articles for you to use if you want to switch something out.

  • Quick Tutorials. Our tutorials show you how to do everything, whether you want to send the newsletter in under two minutes and be done with it, or you want to add in-depth custom content.

Printed Newsletter Setup

You'll fill out a form once to add your personal information to the newsletter. After that, your information will automatically populate. To use this feature, you'll need an updated version of Microsoft Word. However, we also provide manual-fill options for you if you still use Word 2007, or if you prefer using Publisher or Mac Pages.


I can't do without this newsletter now. My clients have come to expect it. I had three transactions the first month I sent it out, and one of them was someone I'd never heard of before.

Matt Chilton
Matt Chilton Southern Homes Of The Carolinas

Linda and her team are always finding ways to use our newsletters to increase business. I apply every suggestion, and have probably made thousands of dollars as a result.

Lori Hooker
Lori Hooker One Source Realty

I just got a call from my contest winner for last month to come list his condo!

I LOVE this newsletter!!

Erna Michaelson
Erna Michaelson Chesterson Commercial Real Estate

We've been using Fast Newsletters for about 3 years and feel it's an indispensable part of our marketing plan. Some of the feedback we get let's us know that people are reading them. Great product, and killer price!

Julie and Katena
Julie and Katena Molokai Property Sisters


We're excited to offer this simple, yet extremely powerful newsletter tool to help you steadily grow your business.