Email Send-Service Addon

When you're busy, it's easy to forget your newsletters. 
We can make sure that never happens!

What Email Service do we use to send your newsletters?

We use your own service with either Mailchimp, KVCore, LionDesk, or KWCommand. (We'll need access to your account.)

What do we send for you?

If you're on the Friends & Farm plan, we'll send two email newsletters per month. If you're on the Leads & Network plan, we'll send three email newsletters per month. You can also request just one send per month.

Social media posting is available in Mailchimp (optional)

We can post your newsletters to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if you use Mailchimp.

What does it cost?

The service adds $20/mo. to your base rate. 

  • The Friends & Farm Email plan is $19+$20 = $39/mo. 
  • The Leads & Network Email plan is $23+$20 = $43/mo.

Who is this service for?

It's for you, if you are too busy (or frankly forgetful), or you are not interested in dealing with the technical aspects of sending bulk emails. Your clients will still receive our unique relationship-building and referral-generating newsletters. Lucky them!

To enroll in the Sending Service when you sign up, click the Addon button for the Sending Service when given the option. We'll contact you to complete setup. 

Contact us with questions. You can also sign up for the sending service anytime in the future just by contacting us.


We're excited to offer this simple, yet extremely powerful newsletter tool to help you steadily grow your business.