Email Send-Service Addon

Because you're busy... 
We take this one thing off your hands

How does this work?

There are a lot of reasons you might not want to be bothered with sending your own newsletters every month. So, we can do it for you. There's no need to set up anything new for this. We'll use your existing email marketing service or CRM.

We can use your Mailchimp account or CRM such as  KVCore, KWCommand, LionDesk, Brivity, or Follow Up Boss. We'll log into your account and send to your pre-determined email list. Contact us if you have a different email marketing service or CRM than those just mentioned.

Why do we offer this service?

Newsletters work, but only if you send them consistently. Our goal is to take it off your mind, ensuring you of a continuous personal presence in their inbox, month after month. It's one less thing to think about.

What do we send for you?

We send two or three email newsletters per month for you (depending on the plan you choose). If you use Mailchimp as your sending service, we can include uploading to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for you.  

What does it cost?

The service adds $20/mo. to your base rate. It's a great deal for a managed email newsletter service.

         The Friends & Farm Email plan is $19+$20 = $39/mo. 

         The Leads & Network Email plan is $23+$20 = $43/mo.

How do you sign up?

When checking out (on the pricing page), select the Addon for the Sending Service. We'll contact you personally to complete the setup, adding any unique functionality to your template for you at that time. Contact us with questions. You can also sign up for the sending service anytime in the future just by contacting us.


We're excited to offer this simple, yet extremely powerful newsletter tool to help you steadily grow your business.