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5 Things Home Sellers Do to Accidentally Drive Buyers Away

Many buyers will simply turn away from a home because the seller has made these simple home preparation and showing mistakes. See the Free Report

How to Use the Auction Effect to Sell Your House Faster

Everyone knows what an auction is — bidders place bids and the highest bids wins. Auctions create energy and excitement that makes things sell on the spur of the moment. What if you could sell your house using the energy of an auction without having to do an actual auction? See the Free Report

What Home Buyers Say they Wish They'd Known before Buying

Here's a compelling list of comments from recent home buyers about things they wish they'd known first. See the Free Report

A Candid Look at Renting vs Buying

Can you afford what you want, or would buying put you in a home, neighborhood, or financial position you don’t like? Here is my expert advice to help you explore the bigger picture in the context of your exact situation. See the Free Report


  • Should Your Agent Hold Open Houses…Or Not?
  • Sell First, then Buy? Or Buy First, then Sell?
  • How to Compete Against Multiple Offers and Win
  • Self-Staging Secrets to Use Whether You’re Selling or Not
  • 12 Signs You're in Over Your Head Financially
  • 7 Places Money Falls through the Cracks for Home Buyers
  • Unusual Financial Tips for Millennials
  • How to Get a BETTER Home Inspection for Your Money
  • Making a Vacation Home (Really) Pay for Itself


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