Fast Newsletters Print Newsletter Tutorials

Fast Newsletters Print Newsletter Tutorials

Here are the steps for preparing your printed newsletter. This is an old video, so the old downloads page looks different than the current one, but the editing functions inside the newsletter are all identical. [VIDEO] Print Newsletter - Overview of Editing [8:32]
How to make changes to the content of the newsletter. [VIDEO] Formatting Changes to the Print Newsletter [7:42]
If you've made a lot of changes to your header, but don't want to recreate those changes month after month, here's how to copy the entire set of changes over to your next month's newsletter. [VIDEO] Save & Reuse a customized header [3:05]
Here are quick tricks for working with images in Word's quirky interface. This video will also show you how to add listings to your printed newsletter. [VIDEO] Working with Images in Articles [7:40]

This is the most common way to print a 4-page newsletter. Tabloid paper is 11x17 or A3 size. When printed on tabloid paper, the newsletter opens like a book. All four newsletter pages are printed on a single tabloid page, front to back. Here's how...
[VIDEO] Print the 4-page newsletter into Tabloid size. [1:42]

 To print and mail in bulk, view our suggestions in the BULK printing & mailing services tutorial below.
How to print your 4-page newsletter onto a single LEGAL sized sheet of paper (front and back). The text will be smaller, since this reduces the size by 77%.
  1. 1. First convert your newsletter to a TABLOID-layout PDF. You must do this, because Word will not shrink the content to fit the new page size, but Adobe will shrink your PDF. Here's how to create a tabloid-layout PDF.
  2. 2. Open the PDF you just created...
  3. 3. Then in your ADOBE Print Menu click the button in the bottom left corner: "Page Setup..."
  4. 4. Choose Legal size paper, click OK.
  5. 5. On the main print menu, click the "Size" button.
  6. 6. Choose "Custom Scale": (enter 77%)
    (If the mock-up image doesn't change right away, click the Actual Size option once, then click back to Custom Scale. It's just something funky with Adobe.)
  7. 7. Print to your printer or to a new PDF.
If letter-sized paper is the only option, then you'll want to print front to back in the correct page order. Here's how:

First, determine if your printer does "Duplex Printing." That means it will print front to back for you, without you having to turn the pages over. If your printer doesn't do Duplex Printing, you'll need to print the first sides (such as all the even pages), then manually turn your paper over and print the other sides (such as all the odd pages).

  1. 1. In MICROSOFT WORD, open the print menu for your newsletter.
  2. 2. On the print menu, make sure your PRINTER is selected.
  3. 3. Under SETTINGS, look for the box that says "Print One Sided."
  4. 4. Click on that box. If the option to "Print on Both Sides (flip pages on long edge)" is there, then your printer can print Duplex. If that option is not there, then you will choose "Manually Print on Both Sides."
  5. 5. Click Print. When finished, separate your newsletters, then fold or staple them.
Prep for Mailing
If you plan to mail these newsletters, you'll have to fold, label, tab, and stamp them. This is easy enough if you're sending under 50 newsletters. But if you're sending more than 50, you may want to send your newsletters to a local print shop for processing. The print shop can also merge your .csv file of labels.
COLOR NOTE: Most home or office printers will print colors differently. You may want to adjust your newsletter colors to better match what comes out of your printer. For instance, the deep blue bar at the top of the newsletter comes out sky blue on some printers. You may want to darken the blue on your screen before printing.

US Only

We don't offer printing and mailing service at Fast Newsletters. For low-cost printing and bulk mailing in the US, we recommend
Docucopies Setup for Tabloid Newsletters
TABLOID 4-Page Newsletter order settings in Docucopies.
Docucopies with other Paper & Newsletter Sizes
  1. ● Select "Copies" from their menu for two-page options.
  2. ● Select "EDDM" from their menu for EDDM printing and mailing.
  3. Note that the US postal service has limitations on bulk mail: 200 minimum for 3rd class postage/500 minimum for 1st class.

Canada Only

Please request a bulk printing and mailing quote from a local printing source.