Copy & Paste Instructions

Short Overview

If you don't want to send your newsletters through Mailchimp, you can use the copy/paste method to send them through a CRM or another Email Service. Each system handles pasting a little differently (more about that below). You only need to know how it's handled in your specific system. In most cases, it takes less than a minute to paste and send newsletters. Jump ahead to the list of CRMs.

How to Copy the Newsletters

You can copy the newsletters directly from our site without using Mailchimp. Open the Direct-Copy Form on your member's download page. This is the fastest approach, but you'll  have limited ability to customize after pasting. The direct-copy method is ideal for someone who doesn't plan to make any changes to the newsletters. 

To more fully customize the newsletters, you'll need to first open them in Mailchimp's drag and drop editor. Make your changes. Then copy the newsletters from Mailchimp. See all Mailchimp tutorials here.

Where to Paste the Newsletters in Your CRM

Pasting HTML

Your CRM will provide a button or icon, showing you where to paste the HTML. The button may show brackets like these <> or </> or may say SOURCE. That's where you paste the HTML, not directly into the composing window of the email. 

HTML is the code behind your emails. HTML turns this: <b><span style="color:#FF0101>RED</span></b> into this: RED. It's what makes your emails show up visually in a person's inbox, and allows it to be mobile responsive.

Pasting Visual

If your CRM doesn't provide an HTML option, you can try opening a regular email window, then pasting the visual content directly into the email's message window. Follow Up Boss, for instance, operates this way. 


CRMs that Allow HTML

ZOHO Campaigns
Hubspot CRM
Chime CRM
Propertybase/Salesforce (Not tested)
Brivity (Not tested)
IXACT Contact (Not tested. Path appears to be Mass Email > Create New Email tab > Select the </> icon > Paste the HTML > Send)

Let us know if you don't see your CRM listed, and aren't sure if it accepts HTML. We'll research it for you.

CRMs that Allow Visual (In an email window directly)

Follow Up Boss
Market Leader (Not tested)
Top Producer (Not tested)
Realty Juggler (Not tested)
RealOffice360 (Not tested)
RealEstateExpress (Not tested)