Here are all the tutorials for the email version of the newsletter.
Add CONTACTS to Mailchimp +

How to add or import subscribers into Mailchimp

Here's a summary of the process from Mailchimp: Import an Audience List

Customize Your Newsletters +

Here is a series of videos to help you with customization, using Mailchimp's drag and drop features.

Email Tutorial Video Playlist

Mailchimp CONTENT BLOCKS Cheat Sheet +

The key to customizing your newsletters is knowing how to use Mailchimp's content blocks. Here is a list of all Mailchimp content block tutorials. In particular, explore the Image Card, Image + Caption, and Text blocks.

CHANGE your Auto-Loaded Personal Information (phone, title, slogan, etc.) +

Your personal information is pulled in from two locations in your back-end settings.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

#1 Account-level Settings. Account settings contain your email, website, and phone number fields.

1. From the top right corner of your Mailchimp window... Select Account > Settings > Contact information

2. EDIT each of the 4 sections as needed: Profile, Primary account contact, Billing info (skip if on free plan), and Lists in this account. Pay close attention to the last section. Click SAVE under each section.

This brief .gif (silent video) shows you how: .[GIF] Change Mailchimp Account Settings [36 sec]


#2 Remaining CONTACT settings, such as NAME, TITLE, SLOGAN, ETC.

1. Go to the Audience tab at the top of your screen.
2. If you have more than one audience, click the down arrow under Current Audience, then select your newsletter list that's been configured with Fast Newsletters.
3. On the right, click the down arrow Manage Audience.
4. Choose Settings.
5. Choose Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags.
6. Scroll down and change the information in the fields on the right.

This brief .gif (silent video) shows you how.[GIF] Change your Personal Information Settings for the newsletter [49 sec]


COPY your Personal Information to a New Audience List +

If you want to create a new audience list that works with your newsletters, you'll need to replicate the list settings. It only takes a moment to replicate your settings:

1. Go to the Audience tab in Mailchimp.
2. Under Current Audience, scroll to the bottom of the down menu, select View Audiences.
3. Next to the Stats button (far right) > Click the down arrow.
3. Select Replicate Audience > Name your new list > click Replicate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mailchimp counts the total of subscribers across all lists. Even if the subscribers are the same, they will be counted twice if they're in two different lists. For that reason, if you're combining lists, make sure you delete the old list when you're finished combining.

This brief .gif (silent, looping video) shows you how. NOTE: the video still references List instead of Audience, but the process is the same.

.[GIF] Replicate your Mailchimp newsletter settings for a new list [1 min]

EXPORT your newsletter to a CRM +

If you have your clients in a CRM that does not have an integration with Mailchimp (or if you have many thousands of subscribers and don't want to use Mailchimp in addition to your CRM), you can export the newsletter and paste it into your CRM.

This shows you how. NOTE: Choose FRAME source, not PAGE source. The link referenced in the video is: