Friendly "old school" relationship-building newsletters for your SOI, geographic farm, and business networks. Print & Email.

"I've been using your newsletters for several years and I wanted to especially thank you for the April issue. I got a lot of calls and one referral. This has been very worthwhile."

Kenneth Dabbs
Coldwell Banker Residential

Fast Newsletters are professional, personable, and memorable... just like you

Fast Newsletters remind people why they like you. They're friendly and engaging...not boring or corporate. They're perfect for maintaining and growing relationships...because after all, real estate is a relationship business.

Enhance your credibility
Retain clients & generate referrals
Fill your pipeline with future listings
Convert buyer leads
Add your own listings, local stats, & testimonials (optional)

Free Extra Reports Monthly

Our FREE "Client Magnet Reports" are important calls-to-action. Each report dives into a single real estate topic to attract active buyers or sellers. Every month we pre-load a fresh, editable report into your account. See samples.

How Our Subscription Works

Each month we write fresh, ready-to-go newsletters. You download the ones you want to use. Then customize and send them as you like.

Our print newsletters are designed in Microsoft Word, and come in 4-page, 2-page, and EDDM formats. (Publisher and Pages are also available.)
Our email newsletters are designed in HTML within Mailchimp. They are mobile-optimized and open beautifully in your client's inbox. You can send them in Mailchimp, or send them through your own CRM. See our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Please contact us for more information

How many newsletters do I get each month?

You get 1 complete print newsletter, and 2 to 3 email newsletters, based on your plan. You can send them all, or pick and choose. See our Samples page for details. 

Will you print and mail the PRINT newsletters for me?

We do not print or mail the newsletters for you, so we don't charge for printing or mailing. We've found that agents don't want to be locked into one delivery mode or price structure. Most prefer to choose their own printing and delivery methods.

For quantities over 200, we suggest using an online printing service. In the US, we recommend Docucopies. In Canada, please request a quote from BulkMailCanada. You can also print from your own office or personal printer.

The newsletters are designed to be printed as high quality color copies, not offset printing. 

Will you send my EMAIL newsletters for me?

Our program is designed for you to send your own email newsletters.

However, some agents are too busy or simply not interested in doing their own email marketing. For that reason, we also offer an email sending service (see details).  

Do I need to use Mailchimp?

Yes and no. Yes, if you want to customize the newsletters, you'll need a FREE Mailchimp account to use their drag and drop editor. 

However, you are not required to send the newsletters using Mailchimp's service. You can most likely use your own CRM (such as  KVCore, KWCommand, Liondesk, Follow Up Boss, etc.)  by copying and pasting the newsletter directly into an email window in that service. We'll show you how. You can send through other email marketing services, such as Zoho Campaigns and Mailerlite.

Mailchimp and Fast Newsletters are separate entities. If you do not use a CRM, and you need a mass emailing service, you can use Mailchimp to send your newsletters. Mailchimp is free for up to 500 contacts and reasonably priced over for 500.

How hard is this really?

If you can cut and paste, you can use our newsletters. There is a learning curve to using Mailchimp and Microsoft Word if you're new to them. Most users figure it out on their own. We offer free help as often as you need it.

If you prefer, we can send your Email newsletters for you. Select our Sending Service Add-On at checkout.

Do you use local real estate content?

Not local; however, we do provide nationwide real estate information, as well as lifestyle, finance, and human interest content. We offer differing Canadian and US versions as appropriate.

How do I get the newsletters each month?

Log into your Fast Newsletters account. Then click to open the current newsletters. It really is that easy.

Can I customize the newsletters?

Yes, they're 100% customizable. Nothing is locked. Change anything you want...colors, title, images, articles, etc. 

A Few of Our Happy Real Estate Agents


I can't do without this newsletter now. My clients have come to expect it. I had three transactions the first month I sent it out, and one of them was someone I'd never heard of before.

Matt Chilton

Southern Homes Of The Carolinas

Linda and her team are always finding ways to use our newsletters to increase business. I apply every suggestion, and have probably made thousands of dollars as a result.

Lori Hooker

One Source Realty

I just got a call from my contest winner for last month to come list his condo! I LOVE this newsletter!!

Erna Michaelson

Chesterson Commercial Real Estate

We've been using Fast Newsletters for about 3 years and feel it's an indispensable part of our marketing plan. Some of the feedback we get let's us know that people are reading them. Great product, and killer price!

Julie and Katena

Molokai Property Sisters

Start Growing with Fast Newsletters...

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