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Pre-written real estate newsletters provide a valuable service to real estate agents, saving them gobs of time and money, contributing to their brand, maintaining consistency, and for many, providing their only form of follow-up marketing.

But because pre-written newsletters are by necessity somewhat generic–even if they are interesting–they may ring a bit bland to past clients and spheres of influence. Agents can easily fix that by injecting a little localism and personality into their pre-written newsletters to create relevancy. It doesn’t take much. Just one or two of the following small additions can make all the difference.

Techniques to Add Relevancy to Pre-written Real Estate Newsletters

  1. Use a testimonial from one of your current or recent clients or service providers. Make sure to mention the location of their purchase/sale/service in the title of your article. “Joe’s Plumbing in Allied Gardens Stikes Again” Or “Sally Smith Loves Her New Kensington Craftsman.”
  2. Reference a local event near the top of your newsletter. “Oktoberfest in La Mesa!” Or “Cowles Mtn Clean Up July 29th.”
  3. Use a title for your newsletter that’s reflective of your location, particularly if you’re using your newsletter in a geographic farm: “Kensington Home News” Or “At Home in San Carlos.”
  4. Add a graph showing local real estate statistics. This can be just a small snippet that you download from NAR or a local real estate source. The details are less important than the fact that you’re providing a local statistic.
  5. Use a local story from your own newspaper or a local blog. If not public domain, be sure to ask permission and cite your source in any case.
  6. Use a story about yourself. As a solo entrepreneur, you are your business. Your face, your name, your identity are closely associated with your business.
  7. Showcase a local area business. Interview the owner or describe something interesting about the business. Perhaps couple this with a coupon from the business.

Real estate newsletters are one touch point among other touch points; a piece of a marketing program. When you follow up your newsletters with even more relevant email marketing and personal contact, you’ll have an unbeatable follow-up marketing plan.

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Linda Schneider
Linda Schneider

Linda Schneider, a real estate marketer, author, and former agent for 30 years. She thrives on helping agents make money using creative and affordable prospecting tools and real estate newsletters. Get her latest book, Door to Door Real Estate Prospecting on