Good Real Estate Newsletter Titles

We’ve heard that books are often judged by their titles, but does that go for newsletters, too, in particular for real estate newsletters?

The answer is…somewhat.

There is no hard research into the efficacy of newsletter titles. We can’t say for sure that a newsletter gets opened or ignored based on it’s title.

However, there is anecdotal evidence that suggests newsletter titles do have some effect. Specifically, people decide from the title if the newsletter is intended for them or intended to showcase the company.

Tom Ahern (Making Money with Donor Newsletters) calls this the “You Test,” as in, “I’m talking about YOU in this newsletter.”

When someone perceives that you are going to provide them with information they find valuable, then they are more likely to perceive you as relevant. The “You Test” starts at the title, and it may have some effect on your newsletter’s open rate.

Real Estate Newsletter Titles and the “You Test”

Anecdotally (by reading and listening to people’s stories and opinions), I’ve noticed that newsletters with the words “real estate” or “realty” in the title can be considered self-serving. There is a sense that these newsletters will be about the real estate agent or about dry real estate topics.

Take the newsletter Real Estate Roundup from agent John Joeseph.

What is this about? Maybe it will be about real estate statistics? Maybe something about John’s real estate business? Maybe John’s listings? Do people care? If they have a strong relationship with John, perhaps they really do care about John’s real estate business. But if they don’t know John well, they might not be inspired to look at “his” newsletter.

Now consider the newsletter Kensington Homeowner Newsfeed from agent Chris Duncan.

Suppose I live in Kensington, and I have a Facebook page, so I “get” what a newsfeed is. This is going to be a stream of information relevant to me, probably of high interest. Maybe some neighborhood news, and maybe some history or information about local businesses I use? Whether or not I know Chris, I believe this content will be relevant to me.

These two newsletters might even have the same information in them. After all, John may be from Kensington, too. But the perception is that Chris’s newsletter is more relevant to Kensington Homeowners. Chris’s newsletter title is more reader-focused, whereas John’s newsletter title is more agent-focused.

Here’s a look at some common real estate newsletter names, categorized loosely into the two camps of reader-focused vs. agent-focused titles:

Agent-Focused Newsletter Names

(Tells the reader this is going to be about real estate…which may or may not interest them. Remember your audience!)

John’s Realty Check
Jenny’s Real Estate Report
Crossroads Real Estate Newsletter
Realty Report
Real Estate News and Views
Real Estate News You Can Use
Real Estate Update
Real Estate Roundup
Don Johnson Team News
Real Estate Insider
Property Update
Real Estate Matters
Real Estate Watch

Reader-Focused Newsletter Names

(Gives the reader a sense of how the content will be interesting to them.)

Ben’s Household DIY Tips
Kensington Homeowner Newsfeed
Front Porch News
Realty Time and Space
Home Health Monthly
Light Hearted Home News
Just for Fun Monthly
Del Cerro Living
At Home in the Slow Lane
Around the House

We can’t know for sure that these titles will make any difference in readership. But it can’t hurt to use a title that passes the “You-Test.”

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