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Create a Mailchimp Landing Page for Your Real Estate Newsletter

Did you know that Mailchimp has landing pages? Instead of using a subscribe form in the sidebar of your real estate website, you can use a simple link to your landing page to get newsletter signups. Here’s how and why that’s cool.

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How many deals should your real estate newsletters generate?

Real estate agents like things to happen in a big way. We want a big income. We help people through the biggest transaction of their lives. We work big hours. We take big risks with our family’s fortunes. We spend big, too. In fact, it can seem like we’re spending ourselves right into a big…

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The Best Content for Real Estate Newsletters

Are you getting any business from sending newsletters? For some real estate agents and other small business owners, the answer is yes. They have real ROI (return on investment) proof to show. But for many others, the answer is no—or they’re not sure. Either they’re not getting any business, or they’re not measuring their results.…

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Get More Clients by Using the Back Side of Your Info Box Flyers

In real estate, Info-Box Flyer marketing works because home buyers are not always willing to call and speak to a live person just to satisfy their curiosity. Your flyer will break the ice and give them a reason to engage with you that goes beyond the property right in front of them. There is a…

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Creative Email Newsletter Content Ideas that Really Connect

Before sending another filler email, like “How to Stage Your Home on a Budget,” or “5 Ways to Polish Your Mirrors,” consider using email campaigns that stand out from the crowd and generate real engagement with your real estate leads and clients. If you’re one of the thousands of Realtors sending email campaigns, then you’re…

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