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A Pre-Written Real Estate Newsletter that Rocks!

Using marketing company real estate newsletters can result in cookie-cutter content that people ignore. Fast Newsletters crafts our monthly real estate newsletter, so you stand out. And they’re 100% customizable. All starting at $13/mo. Why pay more?

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How many deals should your real estate newsletters generate?

Real estate agents like things to happen in a big way. We want a big income. We help people through the biggest transaction of their lives. We work big hours. We take big risks with our family’s fortunes. We spend big, too. In fact, it can seem like we’re spending ourselves right into a big…

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The Key to Converting More Open House Clients

Do you love looking at houses? Most people do. There’s something almost alive about houses that makes us want to engage with them. We say a house feels good or bad, inviting, cold, or warm. We say a house has good bones, could use a facelift, or needs some love. It’s one of the reasons…

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What is a real estate newsletter?

I’ve noticed that not everyone sees the concept of “real estate newsletter” the same way, and that can cause some confusion. Some agents see real estate newsletters as hard-copy, old-fashioned printed newsletters. Others see them as email marketing content sent to a list of internet leads. Still others see them as email “blasts” of new…

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4 Tips for Getting Client Referrals from Email Newsletters

If you’re a real estate agent or small home services business owner, there is no better ROI in marketing than email newsletters, because the cost is so low compared to the return you get. But just like other kinds of marketing, the real value comes from how you use them. Here are four tips for…

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