How to Get People to Open Your Email Newsletters

A good open rate for email newsletters is between 18% and 23%. If your email real estate newsletter (or any other business newsletter) rates are below that, or if you’d like to do even better than average, here are four ways to improve your open rates: 1. Use a compelling subject line. Subject lines must…

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Got a Hesitant Home Buyer? Here’s How to Help them Make a Decision

Have you ever had a home buyer “disappear” on you? Or had clients who dragged their feet, and you felt like you were the only one invested in them buying? Or had clients who toured 5,000 homes and still couldn’t make up their minds? You can be forgiven for throwing up your hands and walking…

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Spice Up Email Newsletters with Ultra Short Personal Stories

For real estate agents and home service providers (remodeling contractors, carpet cleaners, electricians, etc), your personality is often what makes someone like working with you, not just your prices or great service. Using email newsletters to remind people of why they like you is easy and almost free, and should be a staple of your…

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Could you get 30 real estate referrals per year?

If referrals make the best clients, and if referrals are the best way to build a sustainable real estate business, then why don’t more agents do what’s necessary to get more referrals? I ask this because in my line of work (real estate marketing) I frequently meet experienced agents who’ve never done anything to keep…

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5 Ways to Geographically Farm a Neighborhood with Real Estate Newsletters

About half of our real estate newsletter subscribers use a print newsletter. Some use it as their only newsletter, and others use print in addition to email newsletters. Some agents send print newsletters to their “A” List and email newsletters to everyone else. Others send print to their entire database of several hundred people.  A…

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