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Create a Mailchimp Landing Page for Your Real Estate Newsletter

Did you know that Mailchimp has landing pages? Instead of using a subscribe form in the sidebar of your real estate website, you can use a simple link to your landing page to get newsletter signups. Here’s how and why that’s cool.

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Best names for a real estate newsletter

Books are often judged by their titles, right? A good example is Think and Grow Rich. Sound easy and compelling. Just three little words, strung together into an idea so big that it made Napoleon Hill’s career. Can the same be said of a real estate newsletter? Do your clients care what you name your…

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The Key to Converting More Open House Clients

Do you love looking at houses? Most people do. There’s something almost alive about houses that makes us want to engage with them. We say a house feels good or bad, inviting, cold, or warm. We say a house has good bones, could use a facelift, or needs some love. It’s one of the reasons…

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What is a real estate newsletter?

I’ve noticed that not everyone sees the concept of “real estate newsletter” the same way, and that can cause some confusion. Some agents see real estate newsletters as hard-copy, old-fashioned printed newsletters. Others see them as email marketing content sent to a list of internet leads. Still others see them as email “blasts” of new…

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What I’d do if I started over in real estate today…

A few of us here at Fast Newsletters were chilling after work, sharing our plans for the new year. Scott asked Jeremy (one of our agent contributors) what he’d do if he had to start over in real estate in a brand new town where he didn’t know anybody and only had $500 to spend.…

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