Creative Email Newsletter Content Ideas that Really Connect

Before sending another filler email, like “How to Stage Your Home on a Budget,” or “5 Ways to Polish Your Mirrors,” consider using email campaigns that stand out from the crowd and generate real engagement with your real estate leads and clients. If you’re one of the thousands of Realtors sending email campaigns, then you’re…

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How to Get a Few Quick Real Estate Clients

Everyone loves referrals. They’re possibly the best way to get clients now, as well as to fill a pipeline with future clients. But not everyone gets referrals, or even understands how to generate them proactively. Even experienced real estate agents often leave thousands of dollars on the table because they don’t tap referrals. While there…

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Real Estate Newsletter Strategies with Higher ROI

Our company has been in the real estate newsletter business for nearly two decades, and we know anecdotally that real estate newsletters work. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of hard data to back that up, and here’s why: When we’ve attempted to survey our newsletter subscribers for quantitative data, we haven’t been able to control…

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What Do Search Results Say about You as a Real Estate Agent?

Periodically, we need to locate one of our real estate newsletter subscribers on the internet. Usually that happens when an agent changes offices and forgets to update us with their new contact information. To find them, we run an internet search. Surprisingly, there are many times when we find few traces of them online. And…

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5 Ways to Geographically Farm a Neighborhood with Real Estate Newsletters

About half of our real estate newsletter subscribers use a print newsletter. Some use it as their only newsletter, and others use print in addition to email newsletters. Some agents send print newsletters to their “A” List and email newsletters to everyone else. Others send print to their entire database of several hundred people.  A…

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