Choose the Right Real Estate Newsletter for Your Business

There’s no question that newsletters are the key to retaining lifetime clients and generating increasing numbers of referrals. Suppose a Top Producer were to call you today and say she is retiring after twenty years in the business. She offers to sell you her list of past clients and referral sources. Her list consistently generates…

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How Real Estate Newsletters Are Like Fundraising Newsletters

Recently while I was doing research on the differences between real estate email newsletters and print newsletters, I came across an interesting parallel to the real estate industry in the “industry” of fundraising. Like real estate agents, organizations that solicit donations have a long marketing horizon. Well-qualified donors tend to give repeatedly, but only over…

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Print Newsletter or Email Newsletter – What Should You Use?

Duking it out: When you’re trying to decide between a print or email newsletter, the idea of email is pretty seductive. Email is so much cheaper–and once you figure how to do it–faster than print, so why not just put all your news and information out electronically? But this kind of thinking misses an important…

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