What makes me want to open your email? Comparing Subject Lines

Everyday I get around 68 emails in my junk account. You know the drill. As I scan down the list each morning, I recognize the names of most of the senders, because I did opt in to get their emails. Even so, I only open a small fraction of them, maybe two. Maybe one. Often…

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email marketing panel discussion

15 Things You Might Not Know about Email Marketing for Your Real Estate (or Any Other) Business

In the pursuit of more knowledge about marketing with real estate newsletters, I attended an SEO meeting last night in San Diego. Four specialists conducted a panel discussion about the issues of personalization, deliverability, and content in email marketing. The perspective was refreshingly practical, coming from experts in the trenches who are charged with doing…

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reading newsletter on ipad

How to Make Pre-Written Real Estate Newsletters More Relevant

Pre-written real estate newsletters provide a valuable service to real estate agents, saving them gobs of time and money, contributing to their brand, maintaining consistency, and for many, providing their only form of follow-up marketing. But because pre-written newsletters are by necessity somewhat generic–even if they are interesting–they may ring a bit bland to past…

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Is It Worthwhile Following Up with Real Estate Clients?

A customer cancelled her real estate newsletter account yesterday. The reason? She’s “too busy and doesn’t need it right now.” Of course, we cancelled the account without question, but I was itching to scream NO! Not for us, but for her. I recall when the real estate market was starting to take a dive in…

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3 Reasons Your Real Estate Newsletters Might Not Work

As with any kind of marketing, there are right and wrong ways to do real estate newsletters. As a real estate agent, I’ve had enormous success with my real estate newsletters, and I’m not the only one. A lot of agents say their newsletters return thousands of dollars for every dollar spent. But newsletters don‘t…

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