Got a Hesitant Home Buyer? Here’s How to Help them Make a Decision

Have you ever had a home buyer “disappear” on you? Or had clients who dragged their feet, and you felt like you were the only one invested in them buying? Or had clients who toured 5,000 homes and still couldn’t make up their minds? You can be forgiven for throwing up your hands and walking…

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email marketing panel discussion

15 Things You Might Not Know about Email Marketing for Your Real Estate (or Any Other) Business

In the pursuit of more knowledge about marketing with real estate newsletters, I attended an SEO meeting last night in San Diego. Four specialists conducted a panel discussion about the issues of personalization, deliverability, and content in email marketing. The perspective was refreshingly practical, coming from experts in the trenches who are charged with doing…

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Is It Worthwhile Following Up with Real Estate Clients?

A customer cancelled her real estate newsletter account yesterday. The reason? She’s “too busy and doesn’t need it right now.” Of course, we cancelled the account without question, but I was itching to scream NO! Not for us, but for her. I recall when the real estate market was starting to take a dive in…

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